Lesson 56.036 Trinomial Factoring 3.2
   There’s no new video in this lesson. This lesson is similar to Lesson 56.030 Trinomial Factoring 3.1, and the video for that lesson is included below the worksheet icon. But you may not need to watch that video. 
   IMPORTANT: In this worksheet, you’ll be working with 4 x-squares. Keep in mind that there is more than one way to arrange any 4 squares of the same size: 
• in a (1)(4) shape, or…
• in a (4)(1) shape, or…
• in a (2)(2) shape. 
   On this worksheet, the algebraic expression in each problem 
can be factored. 


Lesson.56.036 Trinomial Factoring 3.2



This is the video from a previous lesson… 
Lesson 36.
030: Trinomial Factoring 3.1