Intro to Lesson
  This lesson is where you get to use what you’ve learned about prime numbers. There are two videos for this lesson. 
   There are also two worksheets for this lesson, but the second one is optional. Parents – both these worksheets are really good practice for addition – and a lot more fun as well. 

   Here’s the first video…


…and here’s the second video: 

   This first worksheet is a long-run worksheet – that is, it isn’t a worksheet to be finished in one sitting or to be finished before you go on to the next lesson. 
   So do as much as you can with this worksheet in a reasonable amount of time. Then… 
• you could set it aside and finish it later; or 
• you could set it aside for a while and come back to it several times here and there; or 
• you could work on this together with a friend, a sibling, or a parent.

   The main thing is to do a good portion of this worksheet in one or two sittings – but not necessarily all of it and not necessarily in just one or two sittings. 
   But by doing this worksheet, you’re going to get very well acquainted with prime numbers. Knowing prime numbers is a valuable skill to have! 

   So here’s the first worksheet…



34.043.a The Rectangle Principle: Number Analysis #4 – Goldbach’s Conjecture

   And here’s the second optional worksheet…


34.043.b The Rectangle Principle: Number Analysis #5 – Goldbach’s Second Conjecture