Intro to Lesson
  You’ve already done the kind of algebra work in this lesson before –
   – so there’s no new video for this lesson…
   … but keep in mind that this type of algebra work is one of the most important things in algebra. 
   There are several things to remember: 
   #1: These trinomial factoring problems are getting more and more challenging with each worksheet. 
   #2: These trinomial factoring problems bring together so many important principles and topics in AFB:
     • the First Name, Last Name Principle 
     • the Skip Counting  Principle 
     • the Rectangle Principle 
     • the Verbalization Principle
       (Say What You See, Write What You Say)
     • the concept of variables 
     • the concept of powers and exponents 
     • the relationship of how multiplication and divisibility
   #3. In building with the pieces for these problems, you’re creating a library of mental images in your mind. Keep adding
to the number of images in that library! 



34.044 Trinonial Factoring 3.2