Algebra for Breakfast is an online algebra learning program for children grades 3-4 and grades 5-6. The difference between the two programs is the content itself. Although some of the content repeats in each program – students at both levels are being introduced to algebra! –  the topics discussed and the lesson plans are specifically targeted to each age group.

Watch this great video that explains all about AFB and what you get in the program:

What happens when I sign up?

The program has three basic components:

1)  Mathematical Tools 
These include a set of math dice, access to a complete set of skip count songs (which are a vital part of the program, in mp3 form), and most importantly, a full physical set of math manipulatives (the math pieces). These tools will elevate your child’s ability to connect the dots of math and learn Algebra in a fun and extremely effective way. (It can take a week or more to receive these tools via US Mail)

While you wait for your Membership Package to arrive, you will be given online access to some preparatory lessons. These preparatory lessons are important to making sure your child is ready to learn and discuss the upcoming concepts that are taught in the AFB program.

Once you receive your AFB Membership Package which includes these tools, you will alert our membership site by entering a specific access code that will be included in your package.

See a video demonstration on how Math Dice (Games) help your child to learn Algebra CLICK HERE

See a video on how Skip Counting works CLICK HERE

2)  Online Video Lessons  
There are about 50 online lessons in each AFB Grade Level Program. The lessons will be unlocked for your access at a pace of about two lessons per week. The lessons were specifically assembled in a way to weave in the learning of algebra over a period of time as compared to all at once.

Online learning has been proven to be most effective when done in segments, rather than through immersion. This is especially true when the content is supplemental to their normal learning.

Most of these Video Lessons are given by Bob Hazen himself in an actual learning environment with children, so your child should feel right at home. There are a few additional lessons where Bob speaks directly to your child or you as a parent. 

You will have access to lessons as long as you remain an AFB member. Although the lessons are released at a specific pace, we encourage parents to not push their child through the program too fast.  Follow their progress and if they seem to be catching on, move forward.  If there are struggles, pause and review the most recent lessons until your child is confident in the material.

3)  AFB Printable Worksheet Exercises   
Each AFB Video Lesson will be accompanied by a worksheet (sometimes more than one) that you can print. These printables are vital in more fully solidify the learning of the concepts, procedures, and steps taught in that specific video lesson. We encourage parents to engage with their child during this time and some exercises may work best with a partner.

Keep in mind that the video lessons are short, and the printable worksheets are designed to be short and fun exercises as well. Many of the lessons involve the hands-on use of the math pieces. Using the pieces brings in dynamics of color, shape, size, texture, and movement that enhance and embed learning more deeply into the mind. These dynamics will broaden, connect, and deepen the enjoyment and the overall effectiveness of the learning process. 

Online Help:  
Parents – please do submit any questions through our support area.  Each lesson has a link to ask question about the lesson itself but parents can ask questions about the program process as well.

Bob can also reply directly to children with specific questions, especially if the question can be applied to other children in the program.